Wedding Personality

What kind of Bride are you?

Working in the wedding industry, I see many different bridal personalities. Many times, I see brides choose a venue based on its beauty, while not taking into consideration whether this is a good fit for them personally. Identifying your personality type really helps with choosing the right venue and vendors for your wedding. Here are some things to consider, while …

Three Reasons to Have Engagements Photos Taken

Many wedding couples feel that engagement photos are yet another box they have to check, another expense and so many times they forgo the photos. I feel that this is a missed opportunity and here are three reasons why: Most wedding photographers will offer a package that includes your engagement shoot.

The Two Month Wedding Plan

Many brides feel that they need at least a year to plan a wedding. Is this reality or is this what wedding websites tell us? Here are some factors to consider if you are contemplating an expedited wedding: Many venues will offer last minute dates and deals, due to cancelations. You can actually get a five-star venue and the wedding …