June 12, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

June 12, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

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Our Story

In lieu of sharing our “love story,” though it would undoubtedly rival the likes of any Nicholas Sparks novel, we have opted to share with you, our friends and family, a few notable moments in our relationship thus far.

In the Beginning:

Though we’re trying to avoid the sappiness of sharing our love story, we have to begin with the origin. Our time together began at the best college in Virginia, James Madison University—Go Dukes! We met during our junior year as coworkers at JMU’s Outdoor Adventure Program and remained nothing more than coworkers for a year and a half. After obliviously working next to one another for over a year, some of our friends, who watch too much of the Bachelor/ette, began getting some bright ideas. Long story short, this culminated in Jack asking Brynn to the “Adventure-Winter Formal” to which she promptly said, no. Luckily, to Jack’s delight, she came around and said yes to a first date of ice skating and Mexican food.

It Gets Wild:

Some of our fondest memories together occurred on a post-graduation summer trip to Maine with the same rambunctious friends who claim to have set us up. We spent a week with a group of 12, climbing, sea kayaking, hiking, cooking, and having a ball! We learned of one another’s love for adventure, care for people, and God-given curiosity towards the world our Heavenly Father created.

“Alice, don’t you see the family resemblance?”:

Being from two different “Mid” points (the Midwest and the Midatlantic), introducing our two families was a challenging pursuit. We found time over the summer of 2020, when the majority of us were available, and what better place to meet than the Gentile family lake house. Nothing says, “Welcome to the family,” like throwing someone off a jetski or trying to save them from falling off the tube. The weekend was filled with introductions, stories, laughs, and luckily no injuries. We both walked away from the weekend grateful for the people who love us and excited for what the future union holds.

Meet Me in St. Louis:

Brynn, being the talented and dedicated student she is, decided to go to Washington University in St. Louis to earn her Doctorate of Audiology (AuD). Jack, being the mediocre but wildly lucky individual that he is, wisely followed the doctoral student and started his career in Commercial Real Estate. Now we both are proud to call St. Louis home and are passionate about helping and seeing our city flourish. We’ve loved our time in the Lou as individuals but are very excited to only have one rent payment on the expense sheet in June.

These are just a few of the many sweet moments we’ve shared, but most importantly, we are excited to share the day of our union before God with all of you. Look forward to seeing all of you in June!

** Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the cultural references in each of the titles! See below for answers:

  1. Genesis 1:1
  2. It, the novel by Steven King, takes place in a fictional town named Derry, Maine.
  3. Remember the Titans is a movie about a high school football team that puts aside their differences and comes together as one. At the end of the movie, Gerry Bertier, says to his nurse Alice, “can’t you see he’s my brother?” in regards to his teammate who is attempting to visit Gerry in the hospital during “family only” hours. [watch]
  4. Meet me in St. Louis is a Christmas film/musical starring Judy Garland from 1944.


For those of you flying we recommend you landing at Dulles International Airport


We have a couple hotel rooms blocked off at the below locations.

Clarion Hotel
117 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Clarion Hotel
721 E Market St,
Leesburg, VA 20176
703 777 6622
To reserve a room under the Morales Gentile Wedding Block, please call the hotel and reference Morales/Gentile

Additional Accommodations


40959 Pacer Lane
Paeonian Springs, VA 20129
To reserve a room call
703 509 8441

44050 Woodridge Parkway
Leesburg, VA 20176
To reserve a room call
703 729 8400




Things to do in Leesburg, VA

Historic Downtown Leesburg
25 W Market St
Leesburg, VA 20176

Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park
Balls Bluff Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176

Bluemont Vineyard
18755 Foggy Bottom Rd,
Bluemont, VA 20135

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens
20850 Oatlands Plantation Ln
Leesburg, VA 20175

Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets
241 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176

Stone Tower Winery
19925 Hogback Mountain Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175

Very Virginia Shop
16 S King St
Leesburg, VA 20175

Morven Park
17195 Southern Planter Ln
Leesburg, VA 20176

Magnolias at the Mill
198 N 21st St,
Purcellville, VA 20132

Wedding Party

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Groomsmen One

Groomsmen Two

Groomsmen Three

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Wedding Timeline

Mixer: 5:30pm -- Ceremony: 6:30 -- Dinner 8:15pm -- First Dance 9:05pm -- Cake Cutting 9:50pm -- Sparkler Send Off 11pm

PreCeremony Mixer: 5:30pm -- Ceremony: 6:30pm -- Dinner: 8:15pm -- First Dance 9:00pm -- Cake Cutting 9:50pm -- Sparkler Send Off 11:00pm

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