August 15, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

August 15, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Hello everyone!

We hope you all are well and thriving even in the continual up and down nature of life these days. Our families are eagerly anticipating next weekend and the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with many of you. What a blessing that Virginia was able to stay open enough for anyone to come! We will be missing all of our guests who cannot attend, whether because of distance or COVID, and wanted to make sure everyone has access to our livestream link so you can celebrate with us from afar. If you are unable to come be with us in person, scroll to the bottom of our website or click this link to access our wedding livestreamed on August 15:

Thank you for the part you have played in our lives and our relationship. We are in the final stretch and are overjoyed to be on the threshold of married life. God has been so good to us, including in giving us so many family members and friends who have prayed for us and helped bring us to this day. We love you all!

In Christ,
Ray & Elise

Our Story


Let's Dance

Ray and Elise briefly met in high school at a Fourth of July party with no thought that they would end up college sweethearts and engaged to be married one day. (Well at least Ray didn’t, but Elise kind of thought he was cute.) They did not meet again until Ray returned from studying abroad in Nantes, France during the fall semester of his junior year at Grove City College. Elise was entering her second semester of freshman year and was quickly smitten by this young engineer, newly returned from Europe, who swept her off her feet (literally onto the dance floor!) They met at swing dance club and soon discovered that most of their extracurricular activities overlapped. Their two favorites were ballroom and swing dancing. It was at one of the ballroom club dances that Elise decided that she would date Ray Bromen one day. Their other pastime pleasure was and still is discussing theology, which meant Ray began to ask Elise on meal dates to “get to know one another better.” It just so happened that their first meal date accidentally fell on Valentine’s Day. Oops.

It's "Official"

Ray and Elise officially started dating in the fall of 2017, Ray’s senior year of college. A few of their favorite date memories are ice skating around the giant Christmas tree in downtown Pittsburgh, going on a late night Cheesecake factory adventure for Valentine’s Day, hiking through Great Falls, VA over spring break, and picking blueberries in Elise’s childhood state, North Carolina. They fondly remember the date night that an older couple paid for their dinner when they saw Ray praying over their meal and asking God to bless his relationship with Elise. When they returned to school for Ray’s last semester, Elise’s mom, Glynnon, asked Ray what he was most looking forward to in his last months of school. “Spending time with Elise,” Ray responded without hesitation. Elise remembers this as the moment when she thought, “Wow, this guy really likes dating me. Phew.”

The Long Distance Test

After Ray graduated in May of 2018, he started working for Turner Construction. His move to Columbus, Ohio marked the start of their long distance relationship, which they spent in separate states for over two years. Long distance challenged their relationship, but allowed them to see how much they love each other and want to spend every day together. They hope that this season of separation will stand in their memory as an Ebeneezer, a reminder to never take each other for granted.

Spoiler: She said "Yes!"

Ray proposed on September 21, 2019 (yes, just like Earth, Wind, and Fire!) He surprised Elise with one last date as his girlfriend at Moraine State Park, where they biked around the lake until they “stumbled” upon a grassy path lined with wildflowers, and coincidentally, pictures from their two years together. Elise was a bit paralyzed and kept her hand over her mouth the whole time, but Ray managed to lead her to the end of the path, strung with pictures and poetry, where he asked her to be his wife. (Spoiler alert: she said yes!)



Ray and Elise are counting down the days until they are married. They are overwhelmed by all of the love and support they daily receive from family and friends and praise their gracious King for His kindness in giving them to each other.



We have a series of hotel rooms blocked off at the below locations. Use the links below for a discounted rate.

Clarion Hotel
117 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Clarion Hotel
115 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176



Wedding Party

Jocelyn Wiggins

Sierra Fischaber

Juliann Bromen

Alexa Diehl

Brittni Sutter

Shannon McCord

AJ Bromen

Phillip Fischaber

Danny Downward

Reed Alioth

Brent Matey

Matt Hogan

Live Stream

Wedding Timeline

Mixer: 5pm -- Ceremony: 6pm -- Dinner 7:40pm -- First Dance 8:40pm -- Cake Cutting 9:35pm -- Sparkler Send Off 10:50pm

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photos by: Tessa Falcetta

End-of-Night Video

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