Jessica & Tyler

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

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2020 canceled a lot of things, but love isn’t one of them.

On September 12, 2020 we eloped in Boston, MA- a city that holds so much meaning and magic for us. We can’t wait for you to join us in a ceremony and celebration next year!


Our Story

Although we didn't start dating til the very beginning of 2017, we actually started talking for the first time in 2014 or 2015 (thanks, Tinder!). After maybe a week of online banter, we decided to meet up in person for the first time.

But, as tends to happen to women in their mid-20s in New York City, I (Jessie) had some pretty intense first date fatigue at that time and decided to postpone our date because "I had to work late" (I wanted to work, and not go on another bad first date!). Tyler then postponed first date, take two, and of course, after that, we both sort of trailed off in our communications to one another.
Before we stopped talking, though, we had followed each other on Instagram- it was, for some reason, much less odd at that point in time to follow strangers- and continued to do so as time passed. I went on more dates and had a few short-lived relationships, while Tyler dated someone else for the next couple of years.
In December 2016, Tyler found himself single and celebrating the holidays in Florida with his buddy/best man Chris. He was perusing Instagram and noticed that I had a habit of "liking" pictures of his dog, Ted (he also noticed, for the second time, that I was pretty...his words!). He decided to send me a message through the photo-sharing app and see what happened. We went on our first date a week later, meeting up at 6pm and going home 9 hours later. Needless to say, we've been inseparable since then!
Tyler proposed on a "family" trip (Ted was with us, of course) to Boston in mid-October of 2019. He'd wanted to do it at our family photo spot, just outside of Fenway Park. However, he did too good of a job selecting a romantic playlist to play on the drive, and ultimately broke down (patience, thank goodness for this story, is not one of his strengths) and pulled the ring out of his pocket about 40 minutes from the ball park. Of course I said yes immediately, and we can’t wait to spend our lives together.



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Clarion Hotel

726 E. Market St.
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Homewood Suites
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Wedding Party

Abby Kroll,
Matron of Honor

Abby and the bride grew up together in Fairfax, VA. Jessie and Abby met shortly after Jessie's move to Virginia, and became fast friends...going so far as to ask everyone around them to refer to them as twins! Not much has changed in the 25 years they've known each other. Jessie was a maid of honor in Abby's wedding to her husband Adam, and she's so excited to have Abby by her side on her own special day.

Jessica Thurston,
Maid of Honor

Jessie met Jess at the same summer camp where she met Abby, and they attended school together for the next 11 years. Their friendship, however, really became strong when the two of them moved to NYC within a month of each other- pure coincidence. Jess was the first of the bride's friends to meet Tyler and give her coveted seal of approval. She's an integral part of their lives and the most supportive friend.

Krista Triviso

The first roommate the bride could actually stand after moving to NYC. After an unlikely start to their friendship as irritable coworkers at a bar in Murray Hill, both needed roommates at the same time...and the rest is history. Krista originated the use of Jessie's favorite nickname, "Gramma Jessie," as an ode to her love of early bedtimes.

Kat Hausler

Kat and Jessie became fast friends when Jessie complimented her one day in middle school gym class on her dELiA*s tank top (those were the days). They pledged to each other as college students that they would be each other's platonic Life Partners (LPs), mostly based on a shared love of barely-cooked chocolate chip cookies, peppermint mochas, and gossip.

Sarah Nelson

Sarah was the first of Tyler's friends that Jessie met, just a few short months into their relationship. Jessie decided quickly that Sarah would be one of her favorite people- she is hilarious, direct, smart, compassionate, and has been a huge source of support for the couple the last few years. Tyler and Jessie visit Sarah and Mark (one of Tyler's groomsman) a number of times each year, most notably for the Little League World Series.

Robert Pearson,
Best Man

Famously my "most expensive friend". Say what you want about a college education, but meeting him was well worth the insane amount of money. One of the most talented humans I have ever met/worked with and has the gift of the gab. He provided opportunities that have greatly improved my life. He is the reason I am in NYC, which means he is a catalyst for me to even have met Jessie. I don't know what I would have done without him. We bonded over Pro-Wrestling and our wacky sense of humor. A dude you can put faith in and he always delivers. DETERMINED! Bro for life!

Becca Swanson

The best person I've ever met via another friend. I was always told "she is like a female version of me," and it turns out she is better and cooler than I will ever be. If everyone else here is like a brother than she is like a sister. Or maybe a brother still. Sister-Brother (Cat-Dog), I was once her music manager (sort of).

Neil MacEachern

The other best person I've ever met via another friend. The coolest and calmest collected dude I have ever met. The easiest of dudes to get along with. He is one of the only people who keeps up with new music releases as much as I do. He plays guitar and is handsome. If you take the best qualities of Chris and myself and place it on a good looking and younger fella, you get Neil.

Mark Mayo

He has a gigantic heart that is full of GOLD! We met a few years back and instantly connected. I'd do anything for him because I know he would do the same for me. He will be the dude to beat on the cornhole field? Court? Arena? He is a beast. Possibly a Cyborg. The coolest Yankees fan I know. My main man Mayo.

Wedding Timeline

Mixer: 5:30pm -- Ceremony: 6:30pm -- First Dance 8:00pm -- Dinner 8:25pm -- Cake Cutting 10:00pm -- Sparkler Send Off 11:00pm

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