October 20, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

October 20, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

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Hottest Date of the Year 

Tyler and Jessica started dating in the summer of 2019. Jessica had just moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Fairfax, Virginia as a travel nurse. Tyler had moved to Fairfax from Maryland earlier that year for a cyber threat analyst job with the US Senate. For their first date, Tyler made a good first impression by suggesting to meet at Taco Bamba (Jess loves anything taco). Their dinner turned into a full night of exploring Fairfax from ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s to a stroll through a neighborhood outdoor market, and ending up at a local outdoor beer garden.

The date went so well, that Tyler suggested meeting up the next day so they could explore D.C. and check out the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 (Neil Armstrong’s) moon landing. They took the metro into D.C. and explored before the event (on the hottest day of the year). Tyler brought up some serious relationship questions to see if they were on the same page-but it didn’t scare Jess off.

Big Plans

From there on, they were inseparable. Jess was constantly over Tyler’s visiting with Augie or Tyler was over at Jess’ visiting Wyatt. After joking about moving in together when Tyler was looking at bigger apartments, they ended up moving in together in October of that year.

They traveled to Nashville that year for Tyler's birthday and the next year for Jess' birthday drove to Rhode Island.

In early 2021, after many serious discussions about their future together (and still loving each other throughout quarantine), Tyler and Jess ended up picking out a ring for Jess. Tyler used the next month or so teasing Jess on when he would propose. Jess was hoping to get engaged this year. Tyler’s famous line was “December 31st is still technically this year…”. But, he (luckily) didn’t make her wait that long.

First Day of Forever

On a random weekend, after a hectic week at work, Tyler brought up to Jess that he wanted to plan a cute date night so that they could relax and enjoy their day off together. Jess let him plan it out and he went above and beyond to surprise her. He took her to a local winery for a historical tour about Bull Run with a wine tasting and then planned on go-karting. However, they never made it to go-karting because of how much fun they were having at the winery and ended up staying until close!

When they got home, Tyler ended up on one knee in the kitchen-but it turned out he was just “coincidentally” tying his shoe..typical Tyler. However, later that evening, Jess’ friend Megan came over and Tyler ended up getting Jess to catch him on one knee again…this time in their living room. Jess was over Tyler’s antics at this point (are you kidding me? twice in one night?) and rolled her eyes and had a choice set of words, until she saw that this time Tyler wasn’t joking.. Tyler had pulled out a box he was hiding behind his back, and presented Jess with the beautiful ring they'd picked out together. Thus began almost a year of planning for this special day.

Both are excited to have their friends and family come together for an intimate gathering to celebrate this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

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We have a couple hotels in the area that we recommend for travel convenience:

Clarion Hotel
117 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Clarion Hotel
115 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Or stay at a nearby B&B!
Clarion Hotel
40959 Pacer Lane Paeonian Springs,
Virginia 20129
Clarion Hotel
19077 Loudoun Orchard Rd
Leesburg, VA 20175


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Wedding Timeline

Ceremony: 4:30pm -- Mixer: 5:00 -- First Dance 6:00pm -- Dinner 6:00pm -- Cake Cutting 7:15pm -- Afterglow 7:30pm









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