November 14, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Nov. 14, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Our Story


Friendly Encounters

The night Alex and Katelyn met, their mutual friend (Alex’s roommate) invited Katelyn and her girl friend over to see his new townhouse. It was October 2014 and there was a Cowboys game on, all of the friends were watching the game and talking. Naturally, Katelyn wanted to talk more to the cute guy in the Cowboy’s jersey. Once it was over, Katelyn and her friend went upstairs to the mutual friend’s room to help paint. Alex was playing video games in the basement and Katelyn went to ask him for some water. In Alex fashion he said, “there are water bottles upstairs on top of the fridge” and went back to playing his game, not thinking twice about it. Thus the chase began for Katelyn.

Their hangouts went from group settings to one on one dates over the next few months. They realized they enjoyed each other’s company the more time they spent together. Katelyn making Alex open up and be social and Alex humbling and settling Katelyn down. They grew to find ways to balance their opposite personalities, by building off each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Lovely Exchanges

The first “I love you” came on an impromptu Outer Banks beach trip, which started with Katelyn dragging Alex away from work for a long weekend. While visiting the sand dunes on a cloudy day, they climbed to the highest point to enjoy the view. As it started to rain, they huddled under a towel to stay dry, the moment was too precious to pass, and that’s when Alex said “it” for the first time.

Alex and Katelyn moved into their first apartment in July 2016, they rented for several years while working towards buying a house. In March 2019, they settled on their Haymarket townhouse and a month later grew their family by adopting their dog, Gunner.

A week later, to Katelyn’s surprise, Alex gathered some friends for a beach trip to OBX. This trip was different though, and not because Alex actually planned something. The day was set and a trip to those famous sand dunes was under way. Again to the highest point the group went, Katelyn wondering why the heck they were climbing sand dunes on a windy day. Everyone kept their cool and played their roles, turning a “couple’s sunset photo shoot” into a moment Katelyn and Alex would share for the rest of their lives. He dropped to one knee and asked “will you marry me?”. And the rest is history, we cannot wait to celebrate with you all on November 14th!!



The following hotels are conveniently located within 20 minutes drive of our wedding venue.

Clarion Hotel
117 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176
Clarion Hotel
115 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176


Crate & Barrel

Wedding Party

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Wedding Timeline

Mixer: 2:30pm -- Ceremony: 3:30pm -- Dinner 5:25pm -- First Dance 5:05pm -- Cake Cutting 7:30pm -- Sparkler Send Off 9pm

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