September 5, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Sept. 5, 2020

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

Wedding Postponement

Due to public health concerns, we unfortunately had to postpone our wedding until September 5th, 2020. We hope this change does not cause you any inconvenience.

Please RSVP for our new date via the section below before August 1st. We look forward to celebrating with each of you on September 5th, 2020!

Our Story

It all started in Cherry Run. The Stickfords moved from Illinois to Stipp Street. Little did Thomas know, he had moved in six houses down from the future love of his lifeā€¦
It would take 10 years for him to realize that Kate was his better half. She is the sincerity to his sarcasm, the one who entertains all his dumb jokes, and the one who does all of his laundry. In turn, Thomas reminds Kate to turn off the lights, throws extravagant birthday parties for her dog, and provides a sense of reality to entertain her fairytale idealism.
So, in summary, they are the perfect match and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. They are also so extremely excited that you will be attending the biggest party of 2020 in their honor.


Due to the intimate nature of our venue, we are requesting that our ceremony and reception be adults only. Thank you.




Shuttles will be picking guests up from Homewood Suites prior to the ceremony and shuttles will also be provided back to the hotel after the reception.



Wedding Party

Ashley Wright

Guin Zimmerman

Alex Roberts

Cortney O'Connell

Sarah Davidson

Brittney Maden

Joe Wall

Brandon Johnson

Patch McLucas

Michael Nebrich

Tyler Kinne

Matt Ludwig

Wedding Timeline

Mixer: 4:30pm -- Ceremony: 5:30 -- Dinner 7:10pm -- First Dance 8:10pm -- Cake Cutting 9:05pm -- Sparkler Send Off 10:35pm

Live Stream

End of Night Video

Directions to Zion Springs


If you or a close contact of yours has been recently sick or is actively infected with COVID19, we request that you please stay home and join us on Wedding Day via live-stream. (See the above video embed)