November 13, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

November 13, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

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Our Story

Brian and Lauren originally met while working for their bosses on the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee. Throughout these hearings, the staff of the members would watch the hearings from a small annex next door, ready to provide support to their boss if needed.

Brian, being fully dedicated to the people of the 10th District of Virginia, spent much of his time trying to get the cute girl, whose name started with an L, to notice him by making witty remarks and thoughtful comments which would sometimes make her laugh.

Lauren, being fully dedicated to the Big 1st of Kansas, would barely notice these remarks from some guy named “Ryan” and would continue diligently looking up information for hearings.

Eventually, after some thoughtfully planned departures from Committee and well planned elevator rides Brian finally caught Lauren’s attention by making her laugh where she finally agreed to go on their first date.

The first date set the tone for their relationship. After a couple of drinks at Blue Jacket, Lauren came back from the bathroom apologizing that she had to go because her friends were out front demanding she go out with them.

Brian, thinking this was her “out” from the date, was surprised when she asked if he wanted to come with them. After being packed into a full mini-van of girls, they headed out for drinks with their friends and continued to have a great time.

Ever since that first date, their relationship has been filled with fun, spontaneous adventures, filled with support from their friends and family.

We can’t wait to share the start of our next adventure with you.



We have a couple hotel rooms blocked off at the below locations. Staying at one of these two locations will help us coordinate pick up and drop off with shuttles!

Clarion Hotel

117 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176

Clarion Hotel

115 Fort Evans Rd NE,
Leesburg, VA 20176



Dulles International Airport is the closest airport to the venue, approximately thirty minutes from Zion Springs. Additionally, both hotels with our room blocks operate shuttles to and from Dulles airport.

Drive time from Washington D.C. is approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

Things to Do

Zion Springs is conveniently located in the heart of Northern Virginia's wine country. Here is a compiled list of a few favorite wineries, breweries, restaurants, and places to check out!


Q: What’s the dress code? 

A: Cocktail attire, please. The ceremony is located outside, so please dress according to the weather.

Q: Are kids invited?

A: We love children and welcome them to attend. Our venue also has babysitter suggestions, so please let us know if you'd like us to share that information.


Crate & Barrel

Wedding Party

Kate Smith

Emily Bates

Nicole Novelli

Rachel Tristan

Shannon Deitch

Laura Sullivan

Katherine McManus

Andrew Bates

Carter Joyce

Nicholas Paladino

Kyle Dodd

Dillon Price

Michael Cummings

Matthew Tucker

Wedding Timeline

Shuttle Pick Up at Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites 4:30 -- Cocktail Hour 5:15pm -- Reception 6:30 --  Cake Cutting 8:15 -- Sparkler Exit 9:40pm -- First Shuttle to Hotels 9:50pm -- Late Night Afterglow 10:00 -- Late Night Shuttle to Hotels 10:40


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