May 15, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

May 15, 2021

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA

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Our Story


The Chase

Steffi and Eliot matched on Tinder in late September, 2016, while they were both attending Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Eliot was working on his PhD in polymer chemistry, and Steffi was in her second year of veterinary school. They connected over a favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation, and had their first date over dinner at Bull & Bones about a week later. Eliot was impressed with Steffi’s smile and her taste in beer, and Steffi thought Eliot looked good in flannel and was both intelligent and adventurous. One date led to another, and they’ve been inseparable since.

Going the Distance

Eliot and Steffi supported each other through their challenging doctorate programs: from Steffi’s long days of studying in the veterinary teaching hospital and traveling all over the country on external rotations, to Eliot writing and defending his dissertation. Through it all, they made time for hiking, caving, and sharing meals together.

Heading West

In April, 2019, Eliot started a job as a technologist for Gore in Flagstaff, Arizona. Steffi soon followed to work as an associate at Kaibab Veterinary Clinic. On October 6th, 3 years and 1 day after their first date, they went on a walk in an aspen forest to see the fall colors. Eliot asked Steffi to take a picture together, and an engagement ring appeared! She said yes (of course!) Not to be outdone, while on a date at the Lowell Observatory, and looking out over the lights of Flagstaff, Steffi proposed to Eliot with a Bulova watch. They’ve since moved from an apartment to a rental house, picked up rock climbing, and continue to explore the Southwest. They have adopted two cats, Pierogi and Baloo, who accompany them on hikes, to pubs, and on other adventures. They cannot wait to celebrate their future together with their friends and family.

Covid-19 Precautions

We would like to enact safe public health measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 regardless of guests’ vaccination status. We ask that all guests wear masks at all times unless seated at a table, and practice social distancing when possible.

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We have a hotel rooms blocked off at the below location. Staying at here will help us coordinate pick up and drop off with shuttles!
Shuttles will be provided between the hotel, church and Zion Springs!

SpringHill Suites

20065 Lakeview Center Plaza
Ashburn, VA 20147



the knot

Wedding Party

Diana Heriford,
Maid of Honor

Diana and Steffi were suitemates their first year of college at the University of Virginia, bonding over their love of literature. They both moved into the International Residential College for the next three years, and were roommates their 4th year. Throughout the years, they’ve shortened the long distance between them with regular catch-up calls.

Evymarie Prado-Sanchez

Steffi and Evy met at a get-together for their veterinary school class during orientation, and sat next to each other every single day of classes for 4 years. Somehow, they’ve managed to stay close friends despite their best efforts to annoy each other to no end.

Megan Limson

Megan and Steffi met in high school, sharing a love of video games and travel. They’ve thoroughly explored D.C. and downtown Leesburg, visited Iceland, and hope to meet up in other cities around the world.

Mona Azadi

Although they had a few classes in high school, Mona and Steffi became close friends in college, bonding during their biology courses, discussing books, and eating brie. Steffi enjoys catching up with Mona whenever she visits Virginia.

Ashley Muller

Steffi is thrilled to have Ashley in the family as her new sister-in-law and partner-in-crime in teasing Jake. She knew that their relationship could only improve after initially bonding over Harry Potter, and knows that she has a true sister in Ashley.

James Muller

James has been such a wonderful big brother to Steffi her entire life, from teaching her how to play Super Smash Brothers, to giving her life advice over dinner when they were both at the University of Virginia. Although he’s the second Dr. Muller in the family, and only treats one species, Steffi is proud of James for pursuing an internal medicine residency in San Antonio.

Jake Muller

Jake introduced Steffi to 90’s pop-punk and rap, as well as her first upside-down roller coaster. He has helped her learn to take risks and go outside of her comfort zone. This proud Hokie is very happy that she went to Virginia Tech for veterinary school to balance out her time spent at the University of Virginia.

John Echols,
Best Man

John and Eliot met when they became roommates during their first year of graduate school at Virginia Tech. They bonded over their shared love of food, caving, and SCIENCE!!! Even though John moved down to the University of Florida halfway through his graduate degree, Eliot and John continue to become closer friends as they plan regular adventures to go on together.

Samantha Echols

It would make sense that as Eliot spent more time with John that he would eventually get to know John’s girlfriend Sam. They soon discovered that they made excellent partners in crime when going to parties, and would eventually learn to bond over their love of thrift shopping and visiting quaint shops.

Haleigh Hutchison

Eliot met Haleigh through the VPI cave club during graduate school, but they didn’t become friends until several years later when they became roommates. It turns out, this is the best way to make friends with an introvert. They supported each other through rough spots and generally tried to dare each other to do stupid things.

Luke McHale

Eliot met Luke when they were just three years old and became virtually inseparable throughout Boy Scouts and into college. They finally parted ways when they went on to different graduate schools, but they regularly reconnect over a few beers whenever they can.

Matthew Hamer

Eliot met Matt through Luke in college and soon the three of them moved in together to help facilitate their combined shenanigans. After undergrad, Eliot and Matt continued to live together for another two years of graduate school. During that time, they were often seen together cooking, working out and going to football games shirtless.

Axel Edling

As the oldest brother, Eliot looked towards Axel as the source of many new and exciting experiences, from music and movies to exciting foods and video games. Axel taught Eliot not only how to embrace new experiences, but to be generous and share them with others.

Ivan Edling

As the middle child in the Edling family, Ivan is the sibling that is closest to Eliot in age. Growing up this meant they played the most, fought the most, and generally tried to make each other’s lives as difficult as possible. Ivan also taught Eliot to face risk head-on and showed him how to get up, brush the dirt off and try again.

Covid Response

From Zion Springs Venue

Zion Springs is committed to taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we closely monitor the latest developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) globally and any potential impact it may have on our day-to-day operations and weekend events. In response to growing awareness and concern, our team continues to follow the precautionary guidelines of the CDC and other public health organizations, which include:

• Increased signage outlining advisable precautions (e.g. frequent handwashing, safety recommendations, etc.)
• Regular cleaning of high touch point areas such as stair railings, door handles, arm chairs, restroom surfaces, coffee pot handles, and doorknobs with CDC recommended products.
• Regular cleaning and sanitizing of facility public spaces and rest rooms.
• Adding additional hand sanitizer stations in various locations throughout the facility.
• Additional masks provided to guests if needed.

Providing a safe environment for our clients, visitors, guests and staff is our top priority. Through public health organizations such as, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) we are staying abreast of the latest updates and developments as they occur. We are also in close communication with our local public health and government officials to determine what additional safeguards may need to be implemented.

This is an evolving situation, and rest assured that any actions we take will be consistent with guidelines from these agencies.

Wedding Timeline

2:00 Ceremony at Church -- 3:30 Cocktail Hour Begins -- 5:55 Dinner Served -- 7:00 Special Dances -- 8:05 Cake Cutting/Dessert -- 9:20 Goodbyes and Sparkler Departure -- 9:45 After Party Begins


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