September 14, 2019

Zion Springs - Hamilton, VA


Our Story

The story starts with Coffee Meeting a Bagel (a dating app). She lowered her age filter and he expanded his search radius. On the first date, he didn't realize how caffeinated a White Chocolate Mocha was, but she found it adorable. The second date became the first problem solving team-up - when the bowling alley was unexpectedly packed, they teamed up to find another location. Only then did he realize she wasn’t joking about having her own bowling ball and shoes, and proceed to out strike him (by a very large margin). Date three featured a walk-in downtown DC, a kiss in the rain, and a drive-by tsunami from a passing taxi. From then on, the adventures continued.

A and Z became "we" over the next many months. He learned to tolerate her cat. She learned to enjoy his amazing puns. He learned to accept help when he was sick. She learned to follow on the dance floor. He celebrated with her when her Washington Capitals won a Stanly Cup. She accepted his joy at his Philadelphia Eagles becoming Super Bowl Champions.

In some ways, we are opposites: a small-town boy and a city girl; a dog person and a cat person; a tech nerd and a goth rocker; a computer engineer and a (former) TV director. In other ways, we are the same: our love of going on all sorts of adventures, our strong competitive spirits, our love of the utility of spreadsheets, and our faith that God will work things together for those who love Him. Thank you for celebrating the start of our next grand adventure with us!



Courtyard Marriott Dulles Town Center

Located 7-8 miles from the Dulles airport, we currently have a set of 15 rooms booked for our wedding guests.

Wedding Timeline

Ceremony: 5:15pm -- Dinner: 7:20 -- Special Dances 8:15pm -- Cake Cutting 9:45pm -- Sparkler Send Off 10:30pm

Directions to Zion Springs